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Split Milk Truck

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I Live In A Truck

If you happen to live at this address clearly you live in a Sears Delivery truck. Now that is Sears Total Service for sure.

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At Least It’s Not Cold

This restaurant in Ottawa proudly advertised their cool food. I hope they meant salad and sushi, and not chicken or beef.

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Strange Love

When I went to my friend’s wedding in Metcalfe Ontario (near Ottawa) I was not expecting to see a picture of Dr. Strangelove in the reception hall.

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Fuzzy But Still Bad

This would be really bad parking considering it is on the 401 heading into TO. The back up was about 15 kilometers long.

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Icy You

This is not the intensive care that I work in. We saw this sign in Vernon BC. Apparently the place has been closed for years after someone was shot to death in front of it. You think being that close to an ICU…

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One of my sons, who shall remain nameless, looked at this Ronald McDonald charity collection bank, and said, “look it’s McJesus.”

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Connecting Dots?

Several months ago Host Co. of the Pan Am Games gave the Hamilton Tiger Cats $100 million to build a new stadium provided Hamilton kicked in another $50 million. The Pan Am $100 million was supposed to go towards a Pan Am Athletics Stadium. This deal was brokered by the newly minted Mayor Bratina. There will be no athletics in the Ti Cats Stadium. The monies supplied by Hamilton helped drain its Future Fund. A private entertainment complex does not meet any of the Future Fund’s criteria. It was hard to understand how a both sources of cash for the Ti Cat stadium came from sources that should not to go towards such a project. A few months later, without consulting the elected council,  Mayor Bratina announced that Hamilton will pursue all day GO Service instead of LRT, and disbanded the LRT workgroup.  This allowed our Premiere to state the following:

“That was the No. 1 ask of the city,” McGuinty said. “We’ve had some important conversations with the mayor, and this is their priority. Which made it our priority. Over time, we can enter into other discussions about things like the LRT.” Link

So now instead of fulfilling a $1000 million promise of paying Hamilton’s rapid transit bill, Hamilton will instead get $7 million in funding for GO Train service. It gave the provincial government an easy out from a billion dollar promise to Hamilton. Metrolinx recommended the Hamilton LRT, earmarked $850 million for it, and is presently shovel in ground for $9500 million in rapid transit development in Toronto.

Would a mayor actually betray his own city so completely just to get his beloved Tiger Cats a stadium? I don’t know but he used to work for the Tiger Cats. I  still don’t know, but  he is publicly endorsing the provincial candidates who’s butts he saved…. Link

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Snarly and Sleepy


This unglamorous screen capture of two of Hamilton’s lovely tv journalists looks less like Heavy Rains and Flooding, but more like Snarly and Sleepy.


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Unappetizing Window View

The food at Wallies was wonderful in lovely metropolitan Vernon BC. However the view left a bit to be desired.

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