Hockey Night On Robson Strasse

Drunken stick handler guy out maneuvers a phalanx of Vancouver Police. There were so many people  celebrating NHL Canada versus NHL USA on Sunday afternoon. People were very well behaved, and it is a good thing with all those hockey sticks around. Apparently the stabbing in Red Robin on Davie was even a very polite one.



New intertube sensation I am sure. Thanks to Mad Doctor Saucy for putting me onto this gem.  The image links to the youtube video. I chose to use a frame grab and link instead of embedding the youtube because I love the passion and vitality that the screen capture shows.

Zip For Leonardo

I had the pleasure of attending a most amazing exhibit of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Hundreds of his original sketches are on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The exhibit is also free. There was a huge line at Robson Square apparently 6 hours in length. But it was not for Leonardo. It was for people waiting to get a ticket to ride the 8 storey high zip line that dangles above Robson Street.  The red arrows are the line up for the zip line the yellow arrow is the start of the zip line. It is cool. Click on the image to see it in action.

The sad thing was that there was no real line for Leonardo’s sketches. Which a collection of 200 that is unlikely to appear anywhere again in our lifetime.

Transit Woes

It is hard to get around in Vancouver. I was on my way to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the VAG.  Transit gets especially hard when your bus pops a connection to its electrical power on the Granville Street bridge. Our brave transit driver ventured out into traffic to get us restarted. The video shows the empty driver seat and the Granville Bridge out the window.


Bare Naked Ladies In The Streets


I was walking home from the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery) and I saw the Bare Naked Ladies busking at the corner of Robson and Burrard.  They had spontaneously appeared and started playing with a street musician. I think that they were raising money to try and buy tickets to the Men’s Hockey final.

Pretty Pretty Flags


We are no longer allowed to have cameras inside the Village because of some pictures involving Russian athletes, Smerfs and a giant moose. Unfortunately the nice man making the speech was cut off. I know what the word was that he was about to say because I was there. What do you think he said?