For decades I have never written anything identifying  myself on the intertubes. I purchased this domain name in 2000. I had been web paging since 1994 on the local Free Net. The thought of marketing myself on the intertubes was anathema to what I felt the intertubes could have been. hughmacleod.com is mostly about fun. I am NOT any of the following people.

I am responsible for the following pages on the intertubes. I am also responsible for quite a few more, but these ones are the oldest and represent the most work.

If I were to write an online description of myself, which I would never do, it might look like the following:

I work as a jester of pharmacology, avoiding lawyers, and prolonging the inevitable. I like long walks in outer space. I have contributed to the gene pool. IP addresses excite me. CSS is often fun. When cornered I can cook. Folding laundry is a pleasure. Vacuums  are useful tools. I am happy to find a polyhedron that suits my needs. I am fluent in several forms of gibberish. I never lift my mask. My loudness scale : DM<ETEK<KP2.  I have driven many electric cars. I have built stuff.  I am intimate with the Gutsy Gibbon and onward. I have been audited. I have been to court. I have been to city hall. I have tried love.  I vote early and often. I buy art. I incubate things. I have had surgery. I take medicine. I wear glasses often. I see dead people and they are dead. I have something no one else can get.

Have a nice now.

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