Brazilian Beaver

The Famous Canadian beaver (Castor Canadensis) is the second largest rodent in the world next to the Capybara. While the Capybara is thriving in it’s South American climates, like Venezuela, its much smaller rodent cousin Castor Brazilensis is not faring as well. Unrelenting clear cutting along the Amazon in Southern Brazil  is threatening the habitat of this much smaller rodent. Like the Canadian beaver the Capybara is able to manage a wider range climate conditions, however the Castor Brazilensis is much more vulnerable to temperature. Efforts to re-establish Castor Brazilensis in cooler climates have failed. None of the transplanted Brazilian beavers survived the winter in the Washington State’s Olympic National Park. Clearly this charming, industrious and vulnerable creature can only survive in its native habitat within Brazil’s wet lands. Clear cutting exposes beavers to harsh penetrating climates. It is time for beaver lovers everywhere to stand up and push for harder regulations in Brazil’s wet lands.
Castor Brazilensis in its native habitat near Manaus Brazil.

Those Darn Terrorists

When I was training in Vancouver one of my teachers was shot and wounded by a sniper that hid in the bushes near his home. When I was training in Hamilton another one of my teachers was shot and wounded by a sniper.

Yesterday a young, moderate, democratic congresswoman from Arizona had a bullet shot through her head by a clearly despondent and widely read young man that lives in her home state. Congresswoman Giffords was literally  targeted by Sarah Palin and the Teabagging party  because the congresswoman supported health care reform. Take a look at the image below. Congresswoman Giffords’ riding (district #8) was targeted with the site of a gun in the picture below.

Many people considered the choice of a rifle scope cross hair to identify politicians those who are supportive of health care reform  a bad choice that could lead to violence.  Since the shooting of congresswoman Giffords the Palin site has taken the advertisement down.

A common definition of terrorism is :

“the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature.”

Since Ms. Palin’s office was publicly and officially advised of how dangerous the advertisement could be (even by Ms. Giffords herself) is there not a component of culpability in this terrorist act?

7th Site of the the 7th Site

A well seasoned ticket holder of the Hamilton Tiger Cats reacts to the news that his team may well be headed out of the municipality of Hammer town. The Cats have set a CFL record by declining more free venues  than any other team in football history. Well the Ticats may have found their desired site. The Palleta business family group has a triangular plot of land and a $30 million dollar investment lined up. However it is in the neighbouring municipality of Burlington.  The proposed location is reasonably close to a GO station, and visible from the 403 highway. I don’t imagine that there will be a rapid transit link in my lifetime, but that is what city building is all about. Moving the Ti Cats to Burlington is a is a fair trade. Hamilton looks after Burlington’s social welfare load,  and now Burlington can look after the region’s sportainment welfare load.

The important thing is that the Cats are moving to Burlington (maybe), and they will definitely need a new logo and mascot.  I have taken the liberty of proposing two new ones below. Please allow me to introduce the Palleta Pussy Cats or the Burlington Bob Cats. The Burlington Bob Cats  represents an homage to the man who saved the team from certain government bail out. The Palleta Pussy Cats will allow the team to garner fans from the elusive and exclusive market of 6 to 11 year old girls.

The Palleta Pussy Cats Football Team The Burlington Bob Cats Football Team