Is It Fixed

I think that WordPress is the greatest thing ever. It keeps improving itself in the most important ways to the end user. I have had a devil of a time uploading pictures though. I hope that this has fixed itself. EX (crossed fingers).

[image should be here]

Blubber chunks no luck. When I upgraded my server to Plesk 10 everything blew up. Ran some kind of shell script to recover the ownerships and groups. Off I go to try and fix it again. What’s a blog with out pictures. I am not a good writer anyways.


Attractive Object

The annual Spring Pointy Object Cleanup Karnival was assisted by this lovely contraption that is essentially a magnetic broom. Nails, pieces of wire, bottle caps were easily picked up by the handful without the back breaking bending that this usually requires. Sadly someone stole this borrowed device while we were working on another part of the yard. I would like to think that the magnet broom was drawn out onto the road, chasing some ancient metal car down the street. But alas some DB stole it