Re-framing Pop Music

Vocaloid is a song synthesizer program created by Sony. What was once a vehicle for promoting a tool/game has taken flight as a pop phenomenon. The below video is a real capture of a Hatsune Miko concert. Hatsune is a holographic pop star who sings songs on stage with a live band. Many of the songs she sings are written by retail users of the vocaloid software. That consumer interaction is very cool.  Virtual stars are not new to Japan with the Genki Rockets sporting un-named musicians and  a fictitious lead singer named Lumi who is 18 years old and has never made the space flight to earth. If you need to know, the music by Genki Rockets is very approachable. Hatsune is like a cross between Sailor Moon and Lindsay Lohan.


It reminds of something that the Gorillaz did at the Grammies a few years ago, except Madonna was real and the audience was fake.

P.S. as Trevyn astutely pointed out William Gibson called this more than 25 years ago. 🙂

Dot You Ess

As soon as the .US domain suffix came available my brother and I started reserving domain names. Basically we reserved anything that made us (not .us) laugh. I received the below email just moments ago. Clearly it is from an agent of Satan.

Hello, my name is Jonathan Waltz from Flex Media Domains. will be available for purchase in a few days.
Since you own, I thought you might be interested in
It is recommended to eliminate any confusion to, to own both the singular/plural versions of the domain.

Your purchase will be a one time fee only... Etc. Etc.

The link sends one to a site where you can ‘bid’ on the domain name If I had chosen to bid I would have bid  $666. This would be a winning bid for certain. I  perused my list of domains several other domains are waiting for Flex Media to pluralize them:

Unbelievable Concealment

It is all the rage. An ‘asian’ youth from the PRC snuck onto a plane headed to Canada with an Aeroplan card and rubber mask. Presently he is seeking asylum from China because we know that special effects make-up artists are persecuted terribly in that country. In fact the secret identity was so good he was only detected when he pulled his face off in the economy section. Below is a picture showing the incredible detail of the mask and one can see how easily he could have fooled even the most expensive security service. More.

Brother Andre The Giant Canonized

Finally the great man is being recognized by the Catholic Church! It is wonderful to hear that someone who has contributed to society as much as this caring individual, and everyone’s favorite giant. He charmed us all with his role as Fezzik in the Princess Bride and miraculously held the WWF Champion belt in the same year that he died.

Congratulations Brother Andre!

Reflections At A Wedding

Corey married Kelly. It was a lovely outdoor covered wedding and I think the reception is still going on as I write this. I noticed a peculiar reflection on the ceiling. So myself and others created the following centrepiece. Which created the most interesting ceiling reflection, like so, about 12 feet up on the ceiling.

Explanation of shadow creatures is supplied below.