Here’s Some Interesting Sh*t

Our led lights on the tree out front of the Staircase stopped working. Turns out that some dog dropping was being kept warm by the extension cord, which grew a massive fungus ball, which ate through the insulation and shorted out the lights. This is a pic of someone taking a pic of the fungus ball. I am too posh to take a pic of pooh, so I am taking a pic of someone taking a pic of a fungus ball that is hiding a pooh. Sorry I was just feeling iterative.  Pooh has inspired some awesome rants in the past. This one just knocked our lights out.

The Onion

George Carlin

Passive Aggressive House

The Flatt House renovation is progressing nicely. Kathy is skinning the exterior of the 100 year old building to increase the R value of the walls to 50 and the roof to 100. All windows are being replaced with triple glazed energy efficient ones.  The three new openings on the top floor are positioned with southern exposure and will become the ‘solar furnace’ for the house. Combining these elements with a sophisticated air circulation system will create a building that does not need a furnace in the winter. This style of construction is called Passive House. Passive house retrofits are rare in Canada. Kathy is an engineer who has trained in both Germany and Chicago with  Passive House International. If the house passes muster she will earn her Passive House Consultant certification, and the unique concepts of this retrofit will be adopted by others. Of course Kathy gives tours (kathygarneau AT

Micro Burst

The irony is not lost. On the opening day of the eco film and art fest we were hit by micro burst during the wind storm. Our announcement board was launched 15 feet across the yard. Thankfully no one was standing on the sidewalk. At the same time in the back yard garbage cans, tarps, and sheets of siding were sucked out of the enclosure and across the parking lot. Our colourful fence was dealt its final death blow. It all happened in about a second. Cannot imagine sustained winds like that. The glacial snow moved our wheel chair ramp. Now wind. Could a flood be far behind? (photo k.tilma).