New Kid on the Blocks

Here is to the new year that is coming. Here is to the new WP editor Gutenberg. It uses blocks instead of a stream of text. It is very intuitive. It broke two of my largest websites.

Gutenberg allows for easy image inserts.

The biggest challenge with WP over the last 10 years has been video insertion. The video player has always been janky and unfriendly.

Here is a video insert of a science fictiony commercial. There is no way to include reference or credit data in useful way. For example wikimedia player has tonnes of reference information available.

WordPress Is…

Not getting it. If there is not way to consistently attach attribution to a work how can anyone really use the CMS in a manner that does not automatically involve ripping off artists.

I am hopeful that some smart person will create a plugin that will transform the big old site into Gutenberg. Each paragraph is its own block. I am finding this quite different from writing English.

There is a collection of sweet little sharing buttons in the publish pane. However I can no longer post to Hugh MacLeod on FB. I can only post to a page on FB. This is a FB problem. So is there any point at all to just posting to Twitter? Certainly no point in posting this. 🙂

Hello world! Goodbye Word!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

This is also good bye word. WordPress world that is. I am gonna move this to Grav! Why? Why not?

Ouch I have returned with my proverbial coding tail between my legs. Grav is a BFG programmer’s dream. It is an alien painful excursion into everything we hate about WordPress. I will keep plugging along, but Grav is nearly impossible to get up and running quickly due to a vertical learning curve and 10 steps backwards into one of the 1990s rings of web coding hell.

even their logo is an unusable svg that represents a tonne of work to post on the most commonly used cms on earth.

Solo Silo

This is a famous gif of a collapsing silo in reverse. It was really easy to reverse the gif in GIMP. However FB does not allow gifs to be uploaded. So I am uploading the gif here to be able to link it to FB. FB sucks as usual. The instructions on WP states “one must be certain to insert full size.”  I don’t write this stuff.


Professional Day

Dear Waterloo Public Library,

It has come to my attention that your downtown branch is closed today for a professional day. Professional days are great. May I suggest adding some basic communication skills your next professional day. 1) update your webpage hours and location to include the closure. 2) update the google of your closure. 3) put your “we are closed today” sign on the entrance door, not buried amongst 7 other identically shaped public announcements.

It was a lovely day so I decided to sit on a bench and try and get some work done on the intertubes. As I came to realize that your wireless access point was not operational today (even wifi router’s need professional days) about a dozen peeps came, tried the doors and left. Some of these folks were not that mobile. For them the simple act of switching from inside to outside drop off was a challenge. So don’t worry about grumpy old men like me. Consider improving your communications skills for the mobility challenged.