Zeller’s Targetted

Zellers has been bought by Target. This worries me because I have fallen in lunch with the gravy chicken sandwich. There is no better lunch than being by slow moving old people and gnoshing on gravy slathered chicken.

Dear Target, please don’t take away my chicken sandwich.

It is also important that we learn the proper pronunciation of the word Target when shopping.

Thanks to Michael Batts and comedy.com.

Here’s Some Interesting Sh*t

Our led lights on the tree out front of the Staircase stopped working. Turns out that some dog dropping was being kept warm by the extension cord, which grew a massive fungus ball, which ate through the insulation and shorted out the lights. This is a pic of someone taking a pic of the fungus ball. I am too posh to take a pic of pooh, so I am taking a pic of someone taking a pic of a fungus ball that is hiding a pooh. Sorry I was just feeling iterative.  Pooh has inspired some awesome rants in the past. This one just knocked our lights out.

The Onion

George Carlin

Cash and Carry

Toddler rescued after she crawls inside crane machine in US mall, frolics with toys

The Associated Press Published: Dec 10, 2010

MCKEES ROCKS, Pa. – Authorities say a 2-year-old girl spent 15 minutes stuck inside a toy crane vending machine in a Pittsburgh-area mall.

Moon Run Fire Chief Paul Kashmer tells WPXI-TV that the girl didn’t seem upset by the ordeal Wednesday night in the food court at the Mall of Robinson, in Robinson Township. Kashmer says firefighters arrived to find “the cutest little girl in a pink outfit sucking her binky inside with the other toys. ” The girl apparently climbed up the chute into which the coin-operated crane drops prizes.

The vending company hasn’t been identified. The girl’s parents were charged for the $2.50 worth of quarters it took to get the girl out of the prize machine.


If you don’t believe this is possible check out this video.

Re-framing Pop Music

Vocaloid is a song synthesizer program created by Sony. What was once a vehicle for promoting a tool/game has taken flight as a pop phenomenon. The below video is a real capture of a Hatsune Miko concert. Hatsune is a holographic pop star who sings songs on stage with a live band. Many of the songs she sings are written by retail users of the vocaloid software. That consumer interaction is very cool.  Virtual stars are not new to Japan with the Genki Rockets sporting un-named musicians and  a fictitious lead singer named Lumi who is 18 years old and has never made the space flight to earth. If you need to know, the music by Genki Rockets is very approachable. Hatsune is like a cross between Sailor Moon and Lindsay Lohan.

It reminds of something that the Gorillaz did at the Grammies a few years ago, except Madonna was real and the audience was fake.

P.S. as Trevyn astutely pointed out William Gibson called this more than 25 years ago. 🙂