I coined this phrase early in the Dolly text to image phase. I also regularly use the terms aimage and aidias (LLM idea generation).

I have used heavily used all of the public facing text to image large language models: Dall-E, Bing Image Creator, Stable Diffusion (local and online) etc. The best implementation of them all was Microserf’s dolly implementation (Bing Image Creator). This version of Dolly always worked better the UnOpen AI version. The UnOpen AI version is only getting more nerfed as time goes on.

Microserf has now attached their implementation of Dolly to a thing called Designer. Each prompt gives four aimages that you must then download. Below is an interesting bug in this website.

The first image shows the four aimages created from the prompt.

WordPress blocks still don't manage images consistently. Centering and sizing images has been a challenge since the img tag. The present monetization guided UX composed of opaque blocks makes things worse. One spends literally hours fucking with input boxes, failing and learning nothing. 

link to image

The following gallery shows the four aimages that are downloaded.

None of them match. This is much worse than just a linking error. Clearly the prompt is returning many more aimages than we are allowed to access. The prompt produced at least 8 different aimages. Four of which are shown and cannot be downloaded and 4 that are downloadable but not shown.

Where is the ghost in this machine?

Hello world! Goodbye Word!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

This is also good bye word. WordPress world that is. I am gonna move this to Grav! Why? Why not?

Ouch I have returned with my proverbial coding tail between my legs. Grav is a BFG programmer’s dream. It is an alien painful excursion into everything we hate about WordPress. I will keep plugging along, but Grav is nearly impossible to get up and running quickly due to a vertical learning curve and 10 steps backwards into one of the 1990s rings of web coding hell.

even their logo is an unusable svg that represents a tonne of work to post on the most commonly used cms on earth.

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I spent a few years posting on Facebook. Unfortunately Facebook has chosen to not play well with others. The final straw for me was when the “entity” chose to repeatedly post that I was supporting a particular political candidate in our last civic election.This caused me some personal grief, and wtf (what the Facebook??!?!) . I think doing this sort of unsolicited advertising is bad enough for commercial entities, could it not be dangerous for some people when you do it with political parties. Presentably I am still on the FB, but I am only posting to help improv comedy events at The Staircase.