Timmins Eh!

Maybe the tattoo artist lost a finger in the mines, and therefore needs to use their middle finger?

177 suites. Housing is very challenging in Timmins. Right beside the above ink space.

If you are hungry. The sign is hand painted.

(props to Boogy's Diner for free intertubes and table to sit at)

If you are really hungry. This sign is hand made.

Coolness is everywhere. This pink bunny was in an alley. You really should not be asking me why I was in Timmins you should be asking me why I was in  an alley in Timmins.

Here’s Some Interesting Sh*t

Our led lights on the tree out front of the Staircase stopped working. Turns out that some dog dropping was being kept warm by the extension cord, which grew a massive fungus ball, which ate through the insulation and shorted out the lights. This is a pic of someone taking a pic of the fungus ball. I am too posh to take a pic of pooh, so I am taking a pic of someone taking a pic of a fungus ball that is hiding a pooh. Sorry I was just feeling iterative.  Pooh has inspired some awesome rants in the past. This one just knocked our lights out.

The Onion

George Carlin

How To Vote 2011

There is an online site called Vote Compass where one can get an idea of which party to vote for depending on answering a series of skill testing questions. Unfortunately for me I am closest to voting for the Bloc Québécois, which is not running a candidate in Hamilton Ontario. The compass creates a lovely graph for you to visualize where you fit into the spectrum.