Hand Crafted

I have not worked in straight HTML for more than a decade. Everything has been enveloped in some kind of wrapper. For instance this little site uses a pernicious piece of bloatware called WordPress. Text goes in and thousands of lines of JavaScript, HTML and DB queries come out. The tool I use to create the web pages for online EXP is called Antoradocs. This application has a large data to cruft ratio, but it allows for docs as code. Docs as Code is better than WordPress because anyone can use docs as code documents but only a database can use WordPress vomit.

That being said I just finished hacking my way through a pure HTML/CSS website, and not having these tools was a pain call. It is true that the hand crafted site is only 18M in size versus hundreds of megabytes for what you are now reading. The hand crafted site is not responsive (code for unusable on phones) as of yet. So while I endlessly whine about the cloying revenue grasping bloat of WordPress, and autistic tech bro antics of Antoradocs they are both easier than the pain of free hand HTML/CSS.

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