Is It Fixed

I think that WordPress is the greatest thing ever. It keeps improving itself in the most important ways to the end user. I have had a devil of a time uploading pictures though. I hope that this has fixed itself. EX (crossed fingers).

[image should be here]

Blubber chunks no luck. When I upgraded my server to Plesk 10 everything blew up. Ran some kind of shell script to recover the ownerships and groups. Off I go to try and fix it again. What’s a blog with out pictures. I am not a good writer anyways.


One thought on “Is It Fixed”

  1. Feel free to get by with a little help from your friends. I’m busy until late Sunday – but after that I could have a poke ’round for ya. What I lose in familiarity with blog software I (might) gain in depth of knowledge about Linux in general. If ya want…

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