Oh Gee Ate Twenty Something

It was like a dance. The aristocracy of bureaucrats safely discussed the fate of most of the world amongst caviar and champagne austerity. The media was kept in a gilded cage with free cappuccinos, meals and lakes. The police scored copious overtime hours,  sported new crowd control clothing and broke a few heads. Even the anarchists were on time and organized, playing their role perfectly wearing the right colour even. Who paid for this dance that satisfied one and all? We did. Protecting democracy and freedom while sparing no expense, even the expense of democracy and freedom.


One thought on “Oh Gee Ate Twenty Something”

  1. I was pretty shocked when I initially saw this on youtube. I don’t know what provoked the cops to chase them down, but that doesn’t seem right to me. We just don’t know what was going on prior to this so I’m a little hesitant to judge

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