Welcome to Hamilton

I am back from a month of volunteering at the Cool Sporting Event on the West Coast of BC. On my return to Hamilton via Calgary I noticed that the Hamilton Airport’s artistic mascot had been modified to reflect a sporting heritage. The football looks like someone had clumsily added it using GIMP, but it is really stuck in there for real. Oskaweewee.


No Wait For the Bus To Hell


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This road to hell is travelled by a transit bus.

Funny story took place on the bus. I get free transportation with my smerf accreditation, and that night the buses had been free because something happened in a hockey game. Jamie asked if he had to pay. The bus driver said, “there’s a deposit box, you have to pay.” Immediately after Jamie paid two young hotties walked on the bus right after him without paying. No problem there.

Wave Good Bye

Nasty shaker for the people of Chile last night. 8.8 on the Richter scale is something else. That is a lot of energy directed to the earth’s surface. Several hundred times more force than the recent seismic assault on Haiti. This slip of the earth’s crust has launched a wave of ocean hurtling across the Pacific at about 500 mph. The surge was 7 feet in South America. We will see what height the surge is in Hawaii. And maybe tonight’s closing ceremonies for the Olympics will be more prescient than we could have ever guessed. ­čÖé