Mr. F#ck You Rick Hansen

Every day that I am home in the morning my dad (who is 88 years old) and I walk up to the McDonalds on 4th Avenue and get a snack. Dad has a muffin and a tea, and I steal most of his muffin and drink what is left over of his tea. This day that we were sitting there I¬†distinctly heard someone say “f#ck you Rick Hansen.” It was neither my dad nor I as we have nothing against the fine man. Then I heard someone say “f#ck you Cindy Loeb.” Then I heard the disembodied voice utter “f#ck you Stephen Harper.” It was then that I realized that enormous man sitting across from my dad and I was uttering these expletives under his breath every time he turned the page of the news paper. Pretty angry guy. I noticed that he had the word “h – a – t – e” tattooed on the fingers of his left hand in lovely calligraphy. Then he did his ventriloquism of venom again and said “better get your f@cking f@nances in order (mumble mumble) your time is up.” Well that was when our time was my dad and I high tailed it out the Micky Dees as the mumbling giant seemed ready to erupt.

Retiring Error 666 Page

Well I am gonna blog for a while. How long it will last I do not know, but for the time being Error 666 will be put aside. And for those who managed to get past the css trickery there were always links to pics, movies, comments etc. They were just hidden. ūüôā ¬†Above is a screen shot of the error 666 page (what you are looking for cannot be found). The screen shot also shows¬†Google¬†Chrome for¬†Linux¬†Ubuntu which rocks my world on the lappie. No Mac or Windows for me.