Pictureless Points of Profoundity

I have received a few complaints of all the images that are in my blog. I was under the impression that a picture was worth about a thousand words, and that by including a picture I had put together about a thousand words  of writing. I now realize that this is a very old measure of the value of a picture. The kilo-word metric of a picture’s value predated both digital photography and the intertube’s access to every picture anyone ever took of anything. The actual value of a picture has significantly dropped  due to this proliferation of pictures. Using the Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine I was easily able to determine that the number of pictures available to anyone imbibing from the intertubes has increased by a factor of 10 to the 13th (that is a 10 followed by lots of  zeros). This means that a picture’s value has been diluted to literally nothing, or a number approaching nothing (1000 divided by 10 followed by lots of  zeros is a small number indeed).

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