Rules For Rules

a robot on tracks with about a dozen arms each holding a sheet of paper
Not rules for rules sake.

EXP has a narrative approach to rule description. These narrative tends to mix up facts, goal, edge cases, and what the goal is trying to reflect in the real world. Thinking of rules from a more functional standpoint. A rule as a function should not preclude the pleasure of using the game.

Rules for Rules
  1. goal– describe the goal of the rule
  2. IRL — identify what the goal is in real life
  3. facts– collect the IRL facts that guide the rule
  4. edge cases — acknowledge but leave out
  5. three family — anthros first, then robots, aliens and AI
  6. narrate — write the rule
  7. name — should describe the goal
Metarules for Rules
  • not a simulation
  • no maths
  • fun to use
  • variations as options must follow rules for rules
  • edge cases should be outside narrative
  • humour — always infuse humour and snark.

The front facing element of the rule should be the narrative. Edges case removal was a key narrative transformation from version 5 to 6. This was done with the help of Grammarly.

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